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Joanna Kaniewska from T Shaped uncovers career planning strategies for STEM professionals, helping you grow and shape a career that aligns with your goals and aspirations. You will discover what accomplished scientists, engineers, and innovators have done to reach their current positions and learn about their paths to leadership. Through success stories and challenges faced, see how passion can be channeled into fulfilling careers. It features exclusive interviews, invaluable career planning tips, and key leadership insights. You'll hear about successful academic careers, transitions from academia to industry and big tech, governmental positions in STEM, and STEM roles in the non-profit sector. Whether you're an aspiring scientist, an established STEM professional, or simply interested in inspiring career stories, this podcast is your ideal source. Hit subscribe, and get ready to transform your career path.


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What do Listeners Think about Persistent Curiosity

  • T Shaped LLC

    Not only am I a big fan of Giles Yeo I think this was such a joyful episode on some level demystifying academic career planning while also being very practical and as so often with him very personable and approachable.

    Worth a listen.

  • T Shaped LLC

    A great podcast to listen to "Persistent Curiosity", hosted by the fabulous Joanna Kaniewska who I've had the great pleasure to work with. Joanna is speaking with guests about how their passion led them to a career in STEM. Her guests to launch the podcast are none other than Prof Giles Yeo and Dr Oliver Muller.

  • T Shaped LLC

    The best podcast for my lunch break!