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In the dynamic STEM landscape, technical expertise is a starting point,
not the finish line.

The road to true excellence demands more.
More adaptability, more versatility, more interdisciplinary skills.

Unleashing Full Potential with T Shaped

We don't just see the depth; We see the breadth.

At T Shaped, we recognize STEM professionals for more than their specializations.

It's their foundational, cross-disciplinary skills that truly make them stand out.

We understand that every STEM professional is a powerhouse of specialized knowledge and diverse skills.

Our role? To unlock, nurture, and amplify.

Be it an organization with a vision or an individual with ambition, we are here to be the catalyst.

Offering custom solutions, we ensure that you not only lead in your field but also drive innovation.

Redefine your limits

With T Shaped, step confidently into a world where challenges are mere stepping stones to leadership.

Welcome to T Shaped

Based in New York City, T Shaped is a dynamic STEM Talent Development Consultancy, founded by Dr Joanna Kaniewska. The foundation of T Shaped lies in the belief that STEM professionals are not only deeply specialized in their specific STEM discipline but also offer a diverse, cross-disciplinary skillset.

Our mission is to empower organizations and individuals in the STEM field by delivering individual coaching and mentoring, tailor-made workshops, comprehensive training, and talent development services so that all STEM professionals feel confident, empowered, and fulfilled in careers that perfectly match their potential and purpose, ultimately delivering valuable contributions to society at large.


Solutions to Maximize STEM Potential:

Team Development for
STEM Businesses & Start Ups

A comprehensive approach to team growth, focusing on fostering collaboration, enhancing interdisciplinary understanding, and optimizing collective performance.


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Skill Development Workshops for Academia, Associations & Organizations

Bespoke, interactive sessions tailored to instill confidence, expand skillsets, and foster a proactive approach to challenges in the STEM field.


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Coaching for
STEM Professionals

Personalized approach to navigate the STEM world, enhancing both specialized and cross-disciplinary competencies for a successful and fulfilling career.


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Those Who Worked With Us Said:

T Shaped LLC

“If you feel like you don't know where to start for planning the next step of your career, this training is for you. This first session provides keypoints on postdocs careers and insightful comments to efficiently build your strategic plan, because a goal without a plan is only a dream. Joanna's dynamic presentation invites you to, acknowledge your skills, take the time to reflect on what you want and create your unique path.”

Postdoc || Workshop Participant

T Shaped LLC

“I had different options, a lot of questions, and confusion about my future career, and Joanna, in a short period of time, helped me a lot and made me realize what I really want to do. Joanna has outstanding communication skills. At the same time, her professional skills are magnificent. Asking some questions, which I personally have never thought about, she made me understand; How to build my future career, what my strengths are, and what opportunities I have. All in all, I am grateful to Joanna for her Professionalism and friendliness. I believe that Joanna will be an excellent asset in supporting other professionals with their career choices. ”

Engineer || Individual Coaching Client

You know what STEM professionals don’t have? Time.

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