T Shaped: Move up + forward

Career coaching and skills development for STEM 

You're a STEM professional.

You’ve been working in STEM whether

  • in academia
  • in industry
  • or elsewhere

You always thought this would be your dream job… but it’s really not.

Instead of following your curiosity -> you’re chasing funds.

Instead of contributing to areas that really interest you -> you’re working long hours to meet the company's business goals.

You know it’s time to make a move but to where?!

You spent year getting your degrees because you wanted a career that’s:

  • exciting
  • where you can use your brain
  • have an impact and be appreciated

A career that makes you feel good and supports your lifestyle. 

You represent a college, company or organization.

You've been working with STEM students, graduates and professionals.

You know that STEM job market is ultra-competitive despite positive trends so graduates and professionals demand support in career development and planning.

They need support in professional development to make a bigger impact.

Also, alumni & staff career success impacts funding opportunities.

Only when positive it maintains reputation of the universities and the institution itself. 

You know that providing career guidance is important but how can you do it with limited resources?

You can either invest in:

- development of staff and faculty or

- Let me support you by providing bespoke career and competence-building workshops.

Hi, I’m Joanna Kaniewska

I work with STEM professionals like you to define your values, discover new ways to use your experience, learn how to be a leader, express and brand yourself, and become aware of all the possibilities available to you, so you can choose the path that makes you happiest.

I work with seasoned STEM professionals for whom science, technology, engineering and maths and science-based evidence is important.

As a scientist at heart, all my services are based on evidence-based coaching tools and practices.


What I offer:

Career Confidence 1:1 Coaching

 Get a fresh perspective on what matters to you, what you can do, what opportunities you may not be seeing yourself, and how you can take action to create your best future.


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Workshops for Organizations

Bespoke career and competence-building workshops for STEMM students and staff to identify strengths, develop talents, and advance their careers.  


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Those who committed said:

T Shaped LLC

“Joanna has a kind approach intertwined with openness and patience. Her coaching has helped me become aware of my values and embed them in the decisions I was struggling or afraid to make. She helped me not only to realise what I can do to achieve my goals but also to do it. After 6 months, I can say that I feel more confident as well as grateful to have taken a part in her programme. I am sure I will be coming back to what I’ve learned many times in the future.”

Nutrition Scientist

T Shaped LLC

“I had different options, a lot of questions, and confusion about my future career, and Joanna, in a short period of time, helped me a lot and made me realize what I really want to do. Joanna has outstanding communication skills. At the same time, her professional skills are magnificent. Asking some questions, which I personally have never thought about, she made me understand; How to build my future career, what my strengths are, and what opportunities I have. All in all, I am grateful to Joanna for her Professionalism and friendliness. I believe that Joanna will be an excellent asset in supporting other professionals with their career choices. ”


You know what STEM professionals don’t have? Time.

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