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#6: Launching a biotech startup with Dr. Eric Ekland

Launching a biotech startup is a challenging yet rewarding venture, combining cutting-edge scientific research with strategic business acumen. It offers the exciting possibility of advancing medical science and delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

In this episode, we're talking with Dr. Eric Ekland, CEO of Anvesana, who shares his journey from a postdoc to an investment banking analyst and then to CEO of a startup. Eric provides a recipe for building a successful startup, including strong people management and creative thinking. He offers insights and practical tips on navigating the evolving biotech landscape. Eric also shares his personal career tips for success, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and exploring diverse opportunities.

Listen and enjoy!

Eric Ekland

Today's Guest:
Dr Eric Ekland

Eric is the CEO of Anvesana, Inc., a company developing antisense therapeutics. Under his leadership, Anvesana is pioneering treatments for diseases caused by insufficient protein production.

Eric's journey into the world of biotech began with his academic pursuits. He holds a PhD in BioMedical Sciences from the University of California at San Francisco, where he studied B cell immunology. He conducted high-throughput drug discovery as a postdoc at the Columbia University Medical Center and has authored over 20 publications in top journals including Science and Nature.

Transitioning from academia to industry, Eric honed his analytical skills as an equity research analyst in boutique investment banks, focusing on the biotech sector. This experience was a stepping stone to his role at NYU Langone Health, where he excelled in identifying research with commercial potential, leading to over $2M in non-dilutive funding and the successful spin-out of three assets.

Eric's career is marked by his ability to bridge the gap between academic research and industry innovation. 


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