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Are you looking to Amplify Professional Skills of Your Students, Members, Staff or Affiliates?


In the STEM landscape, broadening cross-disciplinary skillset is essential!

In line with T Shaped philosophy, it's these transferable skills that elevate STEM professionals, making them invaluable.

 Investing in multifaceted capabilities is what sets STEM professionals apart and drives success.

Join us at T Shaped to transform potential into impact.

T Shaped Approach to Skill Development Workshops:

🟩 Adaptable: We tailor workshops to individual client needs for maximum relevance and impact

🟩 Practical Application: We guarantee that participants leave with actionable strategies and tools for immediate implementation

🟩 Continuous Development: We advocate for an ongoing journey of professional growth and skill refinement

🟩 Evidence-Informed: We combine solid research with interactive, hands-on experiences for a deep learning impact

🟩 Flexible Delivery Formats: We offer online and onsite delivery to meet diverse learning preferences and needs

Our Clients:

T Shaped's skill development workshops are specially crafted for a diverse clientele within the STEM community. We cater to:

🟠 Corporations and Businesses: Empowering staff with the latest skills to innovate and lead in their industries

🟠 Educational Institutions: Preparing students and faculty for the evolving demands of the scientific and technological sectors

🟠 Governmental Bodies: Providing training to navigate and lead within the specialized context of public sector science and technology

🟠 Non-profit Organizations: Enhancing the capabilities of professionals to effectively drive community outreach

🟠 Professional Associations and Networks: Supporting members and affiliates with continuous learning opportunities for professional growth.

Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each group, ensuring that participants walk away with valuable, actionable knowledge.

For individual clients, these sessions will be offered as online courses in 2024. Please reach out for more information.

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Catalog of Skills Development Workshops for STEM:

Each workshop below is designed as an individual session or it can be combined with other session for a full program.
Please reach out to discuss options.

Career Development Workshops 

T Shaped Framework for Career Planning

At T Shaped we developed unique career planning model. It's an integrative approach, blending mindset and actionable model. From self-awareness to strategic planning, navigate the complexities of career transitions in the STEM field. Engage in exercises that foster deep personal insight and equip you with the tools to identify and act upon opportunities.

Self-Awareness for Career Development

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of effective career planning. This workshop is designed to help you introspect and understand your motivations, aspirations, and challenges. You'll discover what truly drives you, identify potential career paths that resonate with your core values, and learn strategies to avoid paths that don't align with your professional goals. 

Opportunity Awareness to Navigate the Job Market

Stay ahead in a competitive job market. Here, you'll learn the nuances of job searching, from leveraging digital platforms to tapping into hidden job markets. Learn the tactics to spot and seize opportunities, broadening your career horizons and ensuring you're well-positioned to take the next step.

Action Planning to Create Career Portfolio

Transition from ideas to action with a personalized career portfolio. This workshop helps you consolidate insights from self-awareness and opportunity workshops into an actionable career strategy. You'll leave with a structured action plan and the confidence to take proactive steps in your career development journey.

Interview Confidence

Transform interview stress into success. Our workshop explains the interview process, equipping you with the techniques to make a lasting impression and tackle tough questions. Learn to navigate interviews with confidence, from articulating your strengths to demonstrating your fit for the role. The goal of the workshop is to master the art of the interview, ensuring you stand out in the selection process.

Networking Skills Workshops

Confident Networking: 'How-to' For Event Interactions

Navigate networking events with confidence and ease. This workshop equips you with the skills to 'read the room,' engage in meaningful interactions, and connect meaningfully. Transform every event into a positive experience.

Networking Lifecycle: Nurturing Your Network

Networking events is just a beginning. Learn how to cultivate long-lasting professional relationships. From initial contact to maintaining connections, our workshop guides you through each stage of networking, ensuring your network's growth and longevity.

Digital Networking: Expanding Your Virtual Reach

Embrace the digital age of networking. Discover strategies to effectively build and nurture your professional network online, optimizing your presence on platforms where opportunities abound.

Elevator Pitch Mastery: Crafting Impactful Introductions

Make every introduction count. Master the craft of concise self-presentation. Leave a lasting impression that encapsulates your expertise and sparks continued conversation.

Communication Skills Workshops

Interdisciplinary Communication

Recognizing that interdisciplinary research is the future, it is critical to ensure that STEM professionals from diverse backgrounds can communicate effectively, thereby achieving desired outcomes in collaborative projects. Participants will learn to value and integrate different perspectives, leading to a richer, more comprehensive approach to research and problem-solving. They will acquire the skills to find a common language that facilitates clear and productive communication.  

Presentation Skills for Non-Native Speakers

Conquer the language barrier in professional settings. This workshop is tailored to non-native speakers aiming to refine their presentation skills, ensuring clarity, impact, and confidence when speaking in English.

Mastering Public Speaking

Elevate your public speaking skills. From engaging delivery to stage presence, this workshop transforms anxiety into charisma, turning every speech into a compelling narrative.

Communicating Your Research Story

Bring your research to life. Learn to craft and convey the story of your findings in a way that captivates any audience, blending complex information with relatable storytelling techniques. Think TED Talk for your research story. 

Leadership Skills Workshops

Crafting Your Professional Identity

Define and refine your personal brand in the professional world. This workshop guides you through creating a compelling self-brand that resonates with your authentic self and aligns with your career aspirations.

Leadership Styles Exploration

Discover your unique leadership style. Our interactive workshop helps you identify and develop your personal leadership approach, aligning with your present role and career aspirations.

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Empower yourself to overcome the internal barriers of imposter syndrome. Gain tools and strategies to build confidence and own your professional accomplishments.

Transformative Leadership: Coaching Skills for Leaders

Adopt a coaching mindset to enhance leadership effectiveness. Learn how to coach and develop others, fostering a culture of growth, autonomy, and high performance.

Productivity & Personal Efficiency Workshops

Optimizing Your Workflow: Time Management and Productivity

Discover the art of managing time and boosting productivity. This workshop provides you with numerous techniques for optimizing your workflow so you can prioritize effectively, manage workloads, and structure your day for peak performance according to your style and preferences.

Strategic Success: Action Planning and Goal Setting Workshop

Turn visions into achievable goals. Our workshop equips you with the skills to create detailed action plans, set measurable goals, and create a consistent flow for achieving success in your personal and professional life.


Insights Discovery Profiling

Unlock a deeper understanding of yourself with Insights Discovery. As a part of the assessment, you will receive a personalized profile that highlights your unique personality traits, strengths, working style, communication approach, areas for growth and more (see example here). Learn how to apply this knowledge for personal growth and success, enhancing not just your professional interactions but also your personal relationships and self-understanding

Many of our Organizational Development Training offerings, as outlined here, can be adapted into skills development workshops for individual professional growth. Workshops such as Difficult Conversations, Conflict Management, Facilitation Skills, and Emotional Intelligence may be of particular interest to the wider audiance.

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Participants' Feedback:

  • T Shaped LLC

    If you feel like you don't know where to start for planning the next step of your career, this training is for you. This first session provides keypoints on postdocs careers and insightful comments to efficiently build your strategic plan, because a goal without a plan is only a dream. Joanna's dynamic presentation invites you to, acknowledge your skills, take the time to reflect on what you want and create your unique path.

    PhD Developmental Biology