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#1 Trailer: Welcome to Persistent Curiosity with Joanna Kaniewska

Welcome to 'Persistent Curiosity' with Joanna Kaniewska from T Shaped. This short trailer explains what this podcast is all about. Subscribe now to be notified about future episodes so you can be the first to hear inspiring career and leadership stories from accomplished STEM professionals. Stay tuned and stay curious!

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About the Host

Dr Joanna Kaniewska is the founder of T Shaped and a professional career coach and talent development expert with a PhD in Medical Sciences and international experience spanning academia, industry, and NGOs.

Joanna wears multiple hats to drive success in the field of STEM.  With a passion for individual career coaching, Joanna works with STEM professionals and help them discover their career path and maximize their potential.  She partners with esteemed organizations, universities, and associations to deliver engaging workshops and training focused on professional development.

Extending to the non-profit and startup sectors, Joanna assists in the organizational development of STEM talent.  Her strategic acumen in talent acquisition and team dynamics improves internal talent and propels organizational growth.


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