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#5: Overcoming Fears to Unlock Opportunities with Dr Alex Williams

Have you ever felt scared or stressed about trying something new, such as public speaking, networking, or asking for help? Taking small steps and gradually exposing yourself to these challenges can help you overcome your fears and grow stronger as discussed with today’s guest - Dr Alex Williams.

In today’s episode, we examine themes of exploration and experimentation. We’ll dive into Alex’s career journey and discuss the importance of being willing to seize opportunities, and how doing so can be transformative. We’ll also talk about authenticity in networking and job interviews, and explore the intriguing concept of the 'PO' approach to life. 

Listen and enjoy!

Alex Williams

Today's Guest:
Dr Alex Williams

Alex is the Psychology Program Director, the Director of the Psychological Clinic, and the Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology at the University of Kansas. His research examines the credibility of evidence for various forms of psychotherapy.

As a consultant, Alex serves as the Behavioral Health Medical Director for Dane Street, a disability reviews and medical exam company.

Beyond his academic accomplishments, Alex's insights have been featured in publications like Scientific American, Time Magazine, Inc Magazine, and Wired.

In 2021, Alex delivered a thought-provoking TedxTalk, titled 'Why Introspection is Key to Good Therapy.' 

Alex's extensive experience in both academic and practical aspects of psychology makes him a distinguished voice in the field, offering valuable perspectives that bridge theory and real-world application

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