Customized Talent Development Training
for STEM Businesses & Start Ups

Are You Ready to Nurture Team Dynamics at Your Organization?

"Team culture eats strategy for breakfast"

Without a cohesive team and nurturing organizational culture, even the most profound ideas may never leap
from the drawing board to the world.

The collective values, beliefs, and behaviors of an organization—the culture—
have a more substantial impact on success than strategic planning.

Partner with T Shaped to embrace strong and positive dynamics and foster innovation at your organization!

T Shaped Approach to Organizational Development

🟩 Culture Alignment: We help crystallize team's purpose and align roles with the organization's mission, vision and values

🟩 People-Centered Approach: We help build a high-performing teams by capitalizing on diverse strengths and backgrounds

🟩 Collaboration Through Trust: We facilitate establishing a foundation of collaboration through vulnerability and trust

🟩 Focusing on Results: We help drive teams toward collective achievements with mutual accountability

🟩 Research-Driven Strategies: We integrate organizational psychology insights with practical applications

Our Clients:

Our organizational development services are crafted for a diverse array of entities within the STEM ecosystem:

🟠 Established Businesses: Looking to enhance or revive team cohesion and performance to maintain and grow their market position.

🟠 Emerging Start-Ups: Building strong foundational team dynamics to support rapid growth and innovation.

🟠 Non-Profit and Governmental Agencies: Fostering effective team strategies to meet public and community objectives.

These offerings will be targeted for any group looking to develop strong team bonds and drive collective success.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your company.

Catalog of Organizational Development Solutions by T Shaped:

Each solution listed below is designed as an interactive training for STEM teams across start ups and established businesses.

Many of these workshops can be extended into comprehensive consultancy engagements for deeper integration and customization.

Our goal is to provide flexible solutions that adapt to your specific challenges and goals.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your company.

Focus on Harmonized Teams & Culture Alignment

Mission and Vision Alignment 

Objective: To unify your team with a clear, shared understanding of the organization's core purpose and direction.
Approach: This training engages teams in defining and articulating their mission and vision through collaborative exercises and strategic dialogue.
Benefit: Aligns team efforts, increases motivation, and directs focus towards common goals, fostering a purpose-driven organization.

Our Team Values

Objective: To identify and embody the core values that will steer your team's dynamics and decision-making.
Approach: Through guided exercises and discussions, this workshop helps teams discover and commit to a set of shared values.
Benefit: Promotes a value-driven culture that guides behavior, supports company ethos, and improves team cohesion.

Building and Maintaining Team Culture

Objective: Build a robust and supportive team culture that underpins growth and success.
Approach: This workshop offers insights and actionable strategies to develop and sustain a strong team culture.
Benefit: Creates an attractive, dynamic workplace that retains talent and enhances overall team performance.

Cultivating Team Culture in the Hybrid World

Objective: Adapt and preserve a vibrant team culture within a hybrid work model.
Approach: This workshop delivers practical techniques for bridging the gap between in-person and remote working environments.
Benefit: Keeps all team members connected and engaged, fostering collaboration and maintaining high morale regardless of location.

Focus on Talent Management

Understanding Strengths and Potenial of Your Team

Objective: To map out and harness the diverse strengths and potential within your team for optimal collaboration and effectiveness.
Approach: Through assessment tools and activities, we will identify and cultivate individual talents within the team context.
Benefit: Enhances team synergy and productivity by optimizing individual contributions.

Hiring Your STEM Talent

Objective: Define your recruitment processes to attract and secure top STEM talent.
Approach: We share industry-specific hiring strategies and insights to attract the perfect talent.
Benefit: Streamlines your hiring process, ensuring a higher success rate in acquiring candidates who are the right fit for your team.

Effective Interview Process and Practices
: Master the art of conducting interviews that reveal in-depth insights into candidates’ capabilities and fit.
Approach: This workshop provides techniques and best practices for designing and executing effective interviews, tailored for the STEM industry. Benefit: Empowers hiring managers to make informed decisions, enhancing the quality of new hires and reducing turnover.

Onboarding Programs

Objective: Create an engaging onboarding experience that integrates new hires into your company culture quickly and effectively.
Approach: Our workshop outlines the critical components of successful onboarding, from initial welcome to full integration.
Benefit: New employees will feel valued and become productive members of the team faster, ensuring long-term engagement and retention.

Focus on Internal Communication & Collaboration Through Trust

Interdisciplinary Communication

Objective: Recognizing that interdisciplinary research is the future, it is critical to ensure that STEM professionals from diverse backgrounds can communicate effectively, thereby achieving desired outcomes in collaborative projects.
Approach: The training will introduce various tools and techniques designed to help participants recognize and respect differences in points of view while confidently sharing their own expertise. 
Benefit: Participants will learn to value and integrate different perspectives, leading to a richer, more comprehensive approach to research and problem-solving. They will acquire the skills to find a common language that facilitates clear and productive communication. Ultimately, this training will empower individuals and enhance innovation and efficiency in STEM fields. 

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Objective: Cultivate a culture where constructive feedback is seamlessly exchanged to facilitate individual and team growth.
Approach:  Learn effective frameworks for delivering and receiving feedback, ensuring it's both actionable and framed in the spirit of development.
Benefit: Fosters an environment of open communication and continuous improvement, increasing team performance and morale.

Having Difficult Conversations

Objective: Equip team members with the skills to navigate challenging discussions with confidence and empathy.
Approach: Participants learn strategies for handling sensitive topics while maintaining positive working relationships.
Benefit: Enhances team resilience, ensuring that difficult conversations lead to positive outcomes and strengthened trust.

Managing Conflict

Objective: Transform conflict into a constructive force that drives team innovation and problem-solving.
Approach: Participants learn about conflict and learn conflict resolution techniques, emphasizing understanding and collaboration.
Benefit: Reduces the negative impact of conflict, leading to a more harmonious and productive team dynamic.

Building Emotional Intelligence in Teams 

Objective: Develop emotional intelligence (EQ) within teams to enhance understanding, empathy, and effective interpersonal communication. Approach: Through practical activities and emotional awareness exercises, this workshop helps team members recognize their own and others' emotions, leading to better management of interpersonal dynamics.
Benefit: Teams with higher EQ can navigate the complexities of workplace more smoothly, leading to improved trust, collaboration, and support.

Focus on Performance Management & Results 

Performance Reviews

Objective: Learn how to lead performance appraisals using comprehensive 360-degree feedback.
Approach: The workshops quips managers in tool and insights on how to implement performance reviews
Benefit: Promotes a culture of transparency and continuous development, leading to improved performance and employee engagement.

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Objective: Drive productivity and engagement in meetings with advanced facilitation techniques.
Approach: Participants learn to design and lead meetings that are purposeful, inclusive, and outcome-oriented.
Benefit: Meetings become powerful tools for collaboration and decision-making, saving time and boosting team efficiency.

Leadership Styles

Objective: Explore various leadership styles to discover and refine a personal approach to leadership.
Approach: This workshop presents different leadership models, allowing leaders to assess and adapt their style to best suit their team and objectives. Benefit: Leaders become more versatile and effective, fostering an environment that resonates with their team and enhances performance.

Coaching for Leaders

Objective: Empower leaders to adopt a coaching mindset that nurtures talent and drives performance.
Approach: The workshop introduces coaching techniques for leaders to support their team's development and problem-solving capabilities.
Benefit: Builds a supportive leadership culture that encourages growth, autonomy, and high achievement among team members.


Insights Discovery Profiling

Objective: Foster profound team connectivity and understanding through personality profiling.
Approach: This workshop provides a colorful framework for recognizing and appreciating individual traits within the team. Each team member receives a detailed personality profile (example here). The team receives a graph representing the spread of personalities within the team that helps understanding fellow team members and optimize collaboration and performance accordingly.
Benefit: Equips teams with a deeper appreciation of diverse working styles, enhancing collaboration and setting the stage for all subsequent team development activities. Whether as a foundation or a complementary component, Insights Discovery is your catalyst for transformative teamwork.

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What our clients say:

  • T Shaped LLC

    Joanna is a leading professional in the field of coaching. Her focus on developing T-shaped individuals solves a key issue in the food system where too often there is a disconnect between the science & engineering, and how to achieve transformation towards sustainability across the siloes in the system. Joanna’s approach ensures that we equip more bright minds with the skills and mindsets to drive change rooted in science and engineering.

    EIT Food Director of Education