Personalized Coaching For STEM Professionals

Unlock Your True Potential with Coaching

Coaching is a transformative practice that guides individuals to unlock their full potential.

Grounded in the science of human behavior, it's a powerful tool for change, offering a proven path to professional and personal growth.

Coaching empowers you to harness your innate abilities, refine your goals, and accelerate your journey to success.

Embrace coaching and watch as new possibilities unfold before you!

T Shaped Coaching Approach:

🟩 Tailored Sessions: Embracing the uniqueness of each individual to ensure no two coaching sessions are alike

🟩 Evidence-Informed: Leveraging scientifically supported methods yo inform coaching practices

🟩 Holistic Perspective: Integrating professional objectives with personal well-being for comprehensive development

🟩 Continuous Support: Offering ongoing guidance to ensure consistent progress and accountability

🟩 Adaptive Learning: Responding to the evolving needs and feedback of clients for the most effective development experience

Our Clients:

Our coaching offerings cater to:

🟠 Individual Professionals: Ambitious individuals in the STEM field taking charge of their own growth and career

🟠 Organizational Initiatives: Businesses and institutions investing in the personal and professional development of their team members

Coaching by T Shaped:

Executive Coaching: For Senior STEM Professionals in Leadership Roles

Executive coaching is about amplifying your leadership skills necessary to not only envision but also achieve your company's full potential. It's about refining your ability to implement effective strategies, inspire your team, and lead with confidence. With a focus on accountability, communication, and strategic decision-making, executive coaching transforms good leaders into great ones. It provides a confidential space to challenge your thinking, resolve conflicts, and balance the demanding scales of work and life, propelling you towards successful and sustainable business scaling.

Career Coaching: For STEM individuals at various stages seeking career advancement

Your academic and professional journey in STEM has been a climb of dedication—from degrees to PhDs, from skill-building to navigating the career ladder. Whether academia's relentless race for tenure, grants, and publications has left you weary, or the industry's dead ends and unrecognized efforts have led to frustration, you need a change. Thanks to career coaching you can transform these challenges into opportunities, get fresh perspectives, redefine success, and empower action towards a fulfilling career.


Group Coaching: Facilitated group sessions for collaborative learning and community 

Group Coaching Programs are designed for the continuous development opportunity in a group setting.

At the moment T Shaped offers Awareness Lab: a group coaching program for STEM PhDs.

Let’s make sure we’re a great fit

What STEM Coaching Clients Say:

  • T Shaped LLC

    "The impact of Joanna's coaching sessions on my career was tremendous. When I signed up for coaching with Joanna, I was at a crossroads in my career, not happy where I am but at the same time not brave enough to take a leap of faith and move toward direction I really wanted to. Joanna was an immense support for me through that process, firstly by helping me being honest with myself and acknowledge what I want from my career and more importantly life, and then by encouraging me to realise I can do whatever I make my mind up to; actually making the career switch I did was greatly due to her valuable support throughout the process, and I cannot be more grateful to Joanna for that."

    Technological Engineer

  • T Shaped LLC

    "Before starting, I didn’t know I needed this challenge until I fully emerged into the sessions. I enjoyed that Joanna tailored the exercises to my way of processing information. It was so useful to remember the essence. Other techniques such as the value exercise, will stick with me for a long time. The five values I identified already helped me stay true to myself in many different contexts. Even if I felt stuck, we found ways to tackle the issue and I felt freer afterwards. Thank you, Joanna, for giving me the space to think and encouraging me to unlock the creative solutions that I had in me all this time."

    Health Promotor

  • T Shaped LLC

    "During the coaching with Joanna, I especially enjoyed the calm and reflective setting. Her approach allowed me to open up and better understand my core values and what is important to me. This led to concrete and actionable steps to becoming the person I want to be. Joanna's coaching is a remarkable and rewarding experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her."


  • T Shaped LLC

    Joanna has a kind approach intertwined with openness and patience. Her coaching has helped me become aware of my values and embed them in the decisions I was struggling or afraid to make. She helped me not only to realise what I can do to achieve my goals but also to do it. After 6 months, I can say that I feel more confident as well as grateful to have taken a part in her programme. I am sure I will be coming back to what I’ve learned many times in the future.

    Nutrition Scientist