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#7: Food Science and Product Development with Kirsten Sutaria

This episode takes you behind the scenes of innovation and product development, showcasing the journey from concept to supermarket shelf from a food science perspective.

Our guest, Kirsten Sutaria, shares her insights on creating products for iconic brands, the reality of launching her own food brand, and offers invaluable career and leadership advice for STEM professionals. Discover the magic of science in everyday products and gain inspiration from Kirsten's story of resilience and creativity. Whether you're in STEM, aspiring to enter the field, or simply curious about the science behind your favorite products, this episode is both insightful and inspiring.

Listen and enjoy!

Kirsten Sutaria

Today's Guest:
Kirsten Sutaria

Kirsten is a seasoned Food Scientist & Product Development consultant with a passion for turning culinary dreams into reality.

With a robust 15-year career in the food industry, Kirsten played a pivotal role in bringing beloved products to market, working on iconic brands such as Ben & Jerry's and Innocent Drinks in the US and Europe.

A significant chapter of Kirsten's journey involved co-founding Doozy Pots, a plant-based ice cream brand, where together with her husband, they spent four exciting years building a brand.

Currently, Kirsten channels her wealth of experience as a full-time consultant, serving as a fractional R&D lead, bringing innovative products to life with a variety of brands. Beyond the kitchen, Kirsten is an avid traveler, food enthusiast, yogi, and nature lover.

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