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#2: From Academia to Google and Back with Dr Oliver Müller

Navigating the transition from academia to industry can be daunting, as many feel that pure academic experiences don't always align with the corporate world. Also, there's a common perception that once you leave academic labs for boardrooms, the journey back might not be possible.

In this episode, Dr Oliver Müller shares his journey from academia to tech giant Google...and back, proving that such transitions happen. I asked him about his decision-making process when moving between academia and the tech world and we compared these two professional realms. We also talked about the importance of work-life balance and mental well-being and uncovered strategies for making sound career decisions. Listen and enjoy!

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Today's Guest: Dr Oliver Müller

Dr Oliver Müller is a Swiss astronomer working on dwarf galaxies and near-field cosmology. He has a Masters's degree in Physics and a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Basal.

In his Ph.D. research, Oliver, for the first time outside of our own galactic system, showed that dwarf galaxies seem to rotate around their host galaxy, which is not expected in the standard model. 

Oliver did his postdoctoral training at the University of Strasbourg and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne).

Oliver's exceptional work has been recognized through a number of awards including the Prix Schläfli in Astronomy by the Swiss Academy of Sciences, the Amberbach Prize from the University of Basel, and the KlarText Prize for Science Communication.

You will learn

Oliver’s beginnings in math and his journey to astronomy

Decision-making process when moving between academia and the tech world

Differences between the two working environment

The importance of work-life balance and mental well-being

Strategies for making sound career decisions.


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Read Oliver's piece 'The career insights I’m bringing back to academia after a year at Google' published in Nature's Career Column

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