You have all of the education and no clue 

which career is right for you

It’s beyond frustrating. It’s stopped your progress in its tracks

As a STEMM professional, whether you’re at the beginning of your career or towards the middle, there are key moments when you  face a BIG, life-altering career question: 

What do I do now?

At the beginning…

As STEMM graduates and young professionals you feel a lot of pressure to decide what to do when you ‘grow up’. The thought of choosing the right career keeps you awake at night. What if you invest time, money (student loans) into a path you end up hating? Can you switch to something else without sacrificing your degrees? Will you be stuck forever, or risk starting over from scratch?

You can’t afford to make the wrong decision. Literally. The stakes are high.


15 years later…

Maybe you followed the academic route. You climbed the ladder, starting with an undergrad degree, then grad school to get a PhD, adding a few postdocs in the hope of reaching a faculty position. There, the competition for research grants mixed with the pressure to publish in high-impact journals begins. Your passion for science is still there but you don’t have as much flexibility to follow your curiosity and do the work that fascinates you as you thought. Everything hinges on funding.  Not to mention, the lack of job and financial security and crazy working hours.

Does this sound familiar?    

Or, perhaps you are among the STEMM professionals who left academia as soon as you finished your degrees and applied for jobs in industry, government or NGOs. At some point, you found yourself in a dead end, with opportunities shrinking and a mind-numbing routine taking up more and more of your time. Your responsibilities increase but recognition and salary do not. You need a change, you need to access the next level, but you’re not sure what, or how. Is it time to do something completely different? Or just switch to a different company? Whatever you decide, you’d better do it fast before burnout sets in. 


25 years later…

Maybe you are a STEMM veteran, and you’ve managed to climb the career ladder successfully and find a level of comfort. But now you’re stuck in a rut, and that spark, joy, and curiosity that used to drive you. They got out of the car a long time ago. Should you just keep plugging away, waiting for retirement? Or is the routine sucking the life out of you, and you need to make a move?

Wherever you are on your journey, right now, you are… 

  • Having sleepless nights due to constant (over)thinking of what to do
  • Feeling demotivated about your current career choice but scared about changing it
  • Stressing about not being able to pay the bills (or your student loan debt) but the current salary is a joke anyway
  • Questioning your options and your own abilities to find a career that will ‘tick all the boxes’  

If you want to make a conscious career choice and feel confident about it, choose from:

Springboard group career coaching

Perfect for STEMM graduates and young professionals who can’t wait to start building a career.  

Too many options?

Overwhelmed with opportunities?

Or is your mind blanking any time someone asks “so, what are you doing after graduation?”

Springboard career coaching is designed to help you understand who you are, where you want to be, and what the first steps are to get there. 

This 3-month group program includes: 

  • 12 group coaching calls, one each week. 
  • During our 1h weekly coaching calls, we will explore different aspects of who you are and discover what career options are out there for you. 
  • In-between-call homework (plan for 2 hours per week).
  • Access to our private community of motivated, ambitious STEMM pros like you.
  • An action plan we make together to get you to your dream position and lifestyle.

Financial investment: $360 for 12 group coaching calls, materials between sessions and access to community

Time investment: total of 3h per week (1h weekly call + up to 2h of individual work)

Career Clarity 1:1 coaching program 

Ideal for established professionals with STEMM backgrounds who feel like they’ve reached a dead end in their current career, whether in academia, industry, government or NGOs. 

This program will help you find clarity, confidence and courage to find a fulfilling career.

I designed this program with a holistic approach to career planning because your professional and personal lives go hand in hand. Everything matters your skills, strengths, personal and professional experience, who you are as a person, and what you need to thrive at work and in life. 

No two programs are the same because no two people are the same. Individual coaching is a unique experience – it’s all about you. I am here to give you a fresh perspective on what you can do, what opportunities you may not be seeing yourself, and how you can take action to create your best future.

This program includes:

  • 12 individual coaching sessions over 12 to 36 weeks. Choose the speed that’s most comfortable for your lifestyle and goals.
  • Worksheets, workbooks and materials to work on between sessions to give you clarity and help you identify your priorities, values, skills, and more.
  • Access to the private ‘batphone’ for ad hoc coaching and advice.
  • Access to the positive intelligence training and app to build your mental fitness and fight the self-sabotaging thoughts.
  • Optional 15 mins weekly check-in call with other 1:1 clients (great for accountability).
  • Personal Insights Discovery profile to increase self-awareness and individual performance. A great basis for the recruitment process.
  • Access to a private Premium clarity community of high-level professionals like you.

Our work together requires full commitment from you because we’re going to do some deep exploration, and very real action planning. You have to be at the stage of your career where change is a must and staying in a comfort zone is not an option anymore.

Financial investment: $2000 for 12 individual coaching calls + unlimited ad hoc contact + 15 mins weekly check-in call; weekly workbooks and materials for in-between sessions work, access to the positive intelligence training and app, personal Insights Discovery profile, and access to a private community

Time investment: total of 4h per week (1h weekly call + around 3h of individual work)

Explore more & book your discovery call to see if the program is the right fit for you.

Let’s make sure we’re a great fit

What individual clients say:

  • T Shaped LLC
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    "The impact of Joanna's coaching sessions on my career was tremendous. When I signed up for coaching with Joanna, I was at a crossroads in my career, not happy where I am but at the same time not brave enough to take a leap of faith and move toward direction I really wanted to. Joanna was an immense support for me through that process, firstly by helping me being honest with myself and acknowledge what I want from my career and more importantly life, and then by encouraging me to realise I can do whatever I make my mind up to; actually making the career switch I did was greatly due to her valuable support throughout the process, and I cannot be more grateful to Joanna for that."

    Technological Engineer

  • T Shaped LLC

    "Before starting, I didn’t know I needed this challenge until I fully emerged into the sessions. I enjoyed that Joanna tailored the exercises to my way of processing information. It was so useful to remember the essence. Other techniques such as the value exercise, will stick with me for a long time. The five values I identified already helped me stay true to myself in many different contexts. Even if I felt stuck, we found ways to tackle the issue and I felt freer afterwards. Thank you, Joanna, for giving me the space to think and encouraging me to unlock the creative solutions that I had in me all this time."

    Health Promotor

  • T Shaped LLC

    "During the coaching with Joanna, I especially enjoyed the calm and reflective setting. Her approach allowed me to open up and better understand my core values and what is important to me. This led to concrete and actionable steps to becoming the person I want to be. Joanna's coaching is a remarkable and rewarding experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her."


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