Supporting STEMM professionals or students is important to you — and you know the path isn’t always easy, or clear

You are a leader who wants to make a difference 

Even though STEMM jobs are projected to grow 8.8% by 2029, many STEMM professionals feel lost and confused about their career options and report a lack of support in career planning.

What can you do about it?

Career services at colleges

There is a lot of pressure on career services to help graduates and staff develop a career path following graduation. Students demand a service that provides results. However, with an average of 6500 graduates a year per college, providing targeted advice to each student can strain resources. If graduates fail to land a job that matches their skills, interests and level of education, they’ll question the quality of their college, leaving unfavourable reviews that damage the reputation of the institution. It’s not like you need to hand out jobs with degrees… but you can set them up for success when you have a little support.


Skills development for Faculty members

Even though they’re brilliant in their areas of expertise, many college professors have never been properly trained to lead their research groups. Learning how to best support their team takes time, adds additional burden and distracts from research work that bring funding and improves the general ranking of the college.

Additionally, with fewer faculty positions, PhDs and postdocs seek positions outside of academia and they need help to navigate new dynamics. Academics may not have resources and time to facilitate career planning, so having access to an experienced career guide can be a significant advantage and sought-after perk. 

Here’s how we can work together to give your STEMM professionals support to grow in their careers: 

Workshops for Organizations

Ideal for STEMM students and staff to help them identify areas of strength and develop talents so they can advance their careers. I offer bespoke career and competence-building workshops in:

  • Career coaching and planning (individual or group programs)
  • Interview skills
  • Resume Writing skills
  • STEMM career paths
  • Self - awareness using Insights Discovery model
  • Negotiation skills
  • Self-marketing and expressing your value
  • Leadership skills for STEMM
  • LinkedIn for career success

Financial investment: To be discussed based on your needs.

Time investment: Depends on your needs. Short sessions, half-day & full-day workshops can be organized.

Coaching skills for mentors

Ideal for faculty members and group leaders who provide guidance to their teams. 

This program helps mentors and faculty members to feel confident and comfortable supporting their teams so they can nurture talent, unlock potential, and reach desired goals with greater ease. They will learn coaching tools and techniques to bring out the strengths of the people they mentor, while helping them to find fulfilling careers. Most importantly, all of that without having to spend hours on preparation for the conversation with the coachee.

Financial investment: To be discussed based on your needs.

Time investment: Depends on your needs. Two-day workshop is recommended to learn and practice coaching tools and techniques and be fully prepared to support the teams. The frequency and lengths of the sessions can be adjusted.

Let’s discuss what service is best for your organization

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